Dogs Hate the 4th of July

Sorry to be unpatriotic, but at least half the dogs I’ve owned over the years have been TERRIFIED of fireworks, the other half just hate them. I had one dog that we left for a few hours the weekend before the 4th and some neighbors started shooting them off. When we got home she had accidentally locked herself in the bathroom (I guess to find solace and the door swung shut). By the time we returned a few hours later she had eaten the door frame and destroyed most of the bathroom and she needed Valium.

In other states where we’ve lived, MD, VA, NJ and NY fireworks are basically illegal for everyone to buy; in FL they are legal and sold on street corners. One neighborhood we lived in had so many people shooting them off the smoke was thick you couldn’t see outside! We have had to up our game in dog calming. Luckily we moved to a different neighborhood with less neighbors, but it is still loud.

  • Remember . . . Keep them INSIDE. They can get so scared outside they will break out of fenced in areas.
  • Turn up the TV very loud.
  • Consider talking to your vet if they get overly terrified.
  • STAY Home with them. I haven’t been out to see fireworks in over 20 years since we started fostering dogs.